Medium Length Shag Hairstyles 2015 and 2014

Thursday, October 10th, 2013 - medium 2014, Medium Hair

Medium length shag hairstyles are usually described as hairstyles for teenagers. This statement seems to be a conclusion which cannot be accepted now. In the past, the statement might be true. However, now it is not only teenagers who dare to have medium length shag hairstyle. Mature women also want to look chic with shaggy hairstyle in medium length.

Generally, it can be said that the medium length shag hairstyles are rock-n-roll all the time. They express fresher look and younger appearance. Meanwhile, blonde might become the real characteristic of western culture especially California. It has to be known that blonde hairstyle is reminiscent of California beach babes. Now, the medium shag blonde hairstyles spread out all over the world, not only in western countries.

For mature women, medium length shag hairstyle should be restyled with feathered layers. Layers will make their appearance younger than their actual age. Even, it would be better if there is an effect of messy look on their hair.

Coloring can be a great idea as well even though it is not recommended for mature or career women. For mature and career women, they can color their hair up with little accent only, not the whole hair.

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